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David Bley

Title Director, Pacific Northwest Initiative
Organization Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

David Bley oversees local grantmaking and the development and implementation of strategies to help vulnerable children and families in the Pacific Northwest.

Posts By David Bley


2014 Recap: 10 Highlights of Progress in Washington State

This is our home, our headquarters and where the Gates family has lived for generations, and we will work tirelessly with our partners here in the Pacific Northwest to ensure that all children have the opportunity to thrive in in stable families, great schools, and strong communities.

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Listening to the Experts on Early Learning: Our Partners

We are committed to listening to the teachers, advocates, and parents who have dedicated themselves to high-quality early learning so that every child has an opportunity to thrive. Their insights and feedback will continue to shape our work.

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How do we make homelessness a one-time occurrence?

Why we're optimistic about making homelessness a brief, rare, one-time occurrence in King County, Washington.

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Collaborating to Create High Quality Public Charter Schools in Washington State

Our goal is to bring this collaborative spirit to emerging efforts around charter schools in Washington state. Last November, voters approved the creation of up to 40 public charter schools over the next five years, making Washington the 42nd state to offer charters as another public school option for students.

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Progress in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest foundation team provided nearly $40 million in funding to support programs creating opportunities for all children to thrive in stable families, great schools, and strong communities. During the past year, we saw some great progress and incredible wins to help children and families thrive—everything from launching a new way to help homeless families, to winning millions of additional federal dollars for Washington students.

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