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Join Our Call to Make Women Matter

Passionate women and girls are fighting to create a more positive future. From heads of state to midwives in remote villages, they are refusing to accept the status quo, refusing to keep quiet and refusing to accept inequality.

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Results Are In: Improved Health, Flat Bellies, & Nutritious Gardens

Roots of Health recently delivered Catapult's first 1-year reports for three projects, which show great progress on health, nutrition, and family planning in the Philippines.

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Q&A with Dr. Glenn Gregorio: The Magic of Salt-Tolerant Rice

In a new series for Impatient Optimist you’ll hear from different voices at the foundation about various “sustainable” approaches to agriculture we believe can benefit farmers and the environment. Today, Dr. Glenn Gregorio discusses how "salt-tolerant rice" can help smallholder farmers cope with climate change.

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7 Ways to Start Some Good this Holiday Season

How are you giving back this Holiday Season? Catapult makes it easy with this list of seven ways to do good.

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Start 2014 In The 'Rights' Direction

It has been an exciting year for Catapult, with a huge impact: we crowdfunded $5 million for more than 85 organizations in 81 countries. The results for girls and women around the world are truly inspiring.

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