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My Three Days at the Epicenter of Global Health Ingenuity and Transformation

Let’s face it: nobody really enjoys conferences. In theory, they give spread-out communities a chance to come together and engage in fierce debates and trenchant learning about important issues. But practice doesn’t always match the theory. Last week in London at the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting, however, it did.

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Innovation: Taking the Neglect out of Neglected Disease

Chances are you’ve never heard of onchocerciasis. Sometimes it’s known by the nickname “river blindness,” but you’ve probably never heard of that, either. Unfortunately, almost 40 million people suffer from it.

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New Ways of Quickly Diagnosing Children Most At Risk for Pneumonia

On this World Pneumonia Day, I am proud to announce new grants to ten scientists working on nine projects in seven countries to test out-of-the-box ideas to improve pneumonia detection.

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The Power of a Red Nose

Red Nose Day US reminds us that humor and community can be a powerful force.

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Bold Ideas for Big Shifts in Global Health

For the past six years we’ve made Grand Challenges Explorations grants to fund scientific work on unproven ideas that could potentially be ground breaking in solving major global health and development problems. Today, we are announcing the Phase I winners in the 12th round of these innovative grants and three phase II winners.

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