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Breathing Away: Bringing Down Child Deaths From Pneumonia

Malaria Consortium's Pneumonia Diagnostics Project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is working to find the best tools to detect symptoms of pneumonia in remote rural settings so that children can be properly treated.

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Helping Reduce Child Pneumonia Deaths in Cambodian Rural Communities

The Malaria Consortium's Pneumonia Diagnostics Project is taking on the challenge of reducing under-five pneumonia deaths by finding the best tools to diagnose its symptoms.

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Herding mosquitos, peanut butter antibiotics, and LEDs that guess your age – just a few of the great ideas funded in Grand Challenges Explorations Round 14

After seven years and 14 rounds of Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE), you might think we’re finding the world to be out of big, bold ideas. But the challenge of “One great idea, $100,000 to prove it” continues to strike a chord with innovators around the world. This round, we received over 1,800 applications from 109 countries presenting creative solutions to the six challenges we posed. We are pleased to announce 52 awards to researchers in 19 countries.

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Revisiting the Broad Street Pump in Cameroon

An innovative diagnostic allows health workers to prevent a cholera outbreak in Cameroon.

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The Daily Scoop: Hurricane Sandy, New HIV Test, and More

A roundup of the news for October 29: Hurricane Sandy, a new HIV test, and Malawi introduces the rotavirus vaccine.

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