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Washington state is home to a growing number of families who struggle to get by. To address challenges our region’s families face, we support many dedicated and innovative community organizations in the Pacific Northwest. We focus on nonprofit organizations and tribes that can best identify and serve the needs of low-income children and families. We help these organizations serve more people, build organizational strength, and improve their programs.

Learn more below and visit the program page for more details about our work in this area.

Hear that? It’s your superpower calling

Lindsey is about to graduate from college with honors, but her path to a postsecondary degree wasn't an easy one.

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10 Examples of Progress in Washington State

2015 included its share of memorable moments for our Pacific Northwest partners and our community.

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Road Stories: What I learned visiting our partners in 2015

Partners we visited this year help preserve education’s role as the great equalizer.

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Mod Your Future: How Basic Tech is Changing Life Plans

Whatcom Community College is empowering students to take control of the direction of their life with a new online degree planning tool.

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It's time to change how we prepare and support early childhood educators

We rely on early childhood teachers to be drivers of education reform, and we must change how we understand and value their work.

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