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Washington state is home to a growing number of families who struggle to get by. To address challenges our region’s families face, we support many dedicated and innovative community organizations in the Pacific Northwest. We focus on nonprofit organizations and tribes that can best identify and serve the needs of low-income children and families. We help these organizations serve more people, build organizational strength, and improve their programs.

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Inspiring Youth to Inspire Seattle

Seattle Youth Empowerment Day is August 16, 2014. It will bring together local nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and social innovators in the fields of human trafficking, homelessness, health, and social entrepreneurship.

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What Happens When We Really Start to End Homelessness

What happens when we really start to end homelessness: Reflections on the National Alliance to End Homelessness Conference

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Magic, beasts, dreams and SuperDads: The power of animated storytelling

Through American Refugees, filmmakers are helping tell the story of families, homelessness, and resilience

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Making Connections: Economic Opportunities and the Pathway to Ending Family Homelessness

Economic opportunities are a critical pathway to ending family homelessness.

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How do we make homelessness a one-time occurrence?

Why we're optimistic about making homelessness a brief, rare, one-time occurrence in King County, Washington.

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