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Topics / Urban Poverty

As the world undergoes the largest wave of urban growth in history, there is a tremendous opportunity to improve the lives of the more than one billion poor people living in cities. The world's cities are growing rapidly and there is a pressing need to provide housing, health, and social services for the urban poor. We aim to improve the lives of the urban poor by giving them the tools to lift themselves out of extreme poverty and create livable and prosperous cities in the developing world.

Learn more below and visit the program page for more details about our work in this area.

Housing is Healthcare

Imagine a future in which a patient walks into a health clinic, and after a brief conversation with a doctor, the physician reaches for her prescription pad and writes, “1 unit, permanent housing with flexible supportive services.” She hands the scrip to her patient, who is able to have it filled as easily as an antibiotic.

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Family Homelessness 2.0

Ending family homelessness is complex and difficult. But we can't give up.

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Better Data to Reduce Homelessness

Better data leads to better decision-making across the many organizations that are working together to make homelessness rare and brief.

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New Treatment Option Saves Women From Cervical Cancer

Mariam Cissé is a mother living with HIV in the Ivory Coast, but when she went for a hospital appointment she did not expect the news which caused her to fear for her life.

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How HIV, Poverty, and Drugs Intertwine in Cambodia

Like many other people living with HIV, Hem Sreylyn’s story is intertwined with poverty and drug addiction. A mother of two children, she was diagnosed with HIV at the age of 26 after she gave birth to her last child.

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