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Elisa Baldini

Title Advocacy and Campaigns Officer
Organization Plan EU

Elisa Baldini is an Advocacy and Campaigns Officer with Plan EU, a partner of Action for Global Health (AfGH). AfGH is a European network advocating for European governments and EU institutions to support development countries to meet the health MDGs and work towards the right to health. Based in Brussels, Elisa joined AfGH in January 2012 and works with the EU institutions to ensure EU policies promote and protect the right to health in developing countries.

Posts By Elisa Baldini

What Does the Future Hold for EU Aid?

Last week, EU leaders came together for a decisive summit to discuss how much they think the EU should spend from 2014-2020, and what they should spend the budget on. On Friday, it was announced that EU leaders had rejected the European Commission’s proposal to increase funding for development.

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