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Pascal Barollier

Title Director of Communications
Organization The GAVI Alliance

Pascal Barollier is Director of Communications at the GAVI Alliance. Prior to joining GAVI, Pascal headed the global communications department at Sanofi Pasteur, authored several novels published in France, a screenplay that was the basis of a feature film “Aime Ton Père” starring Gérard and Guillaume Depardieu, and was also a former journalist at Agence France-Presse (AFP). 

Posts By Pascal Barollier

Vaccinespotting: What Does Half a Billion Look Like?

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, uses data visualization to show vaccines progress and challenges.


Contagious Content: The Role of Social Media in Global Health

As gratifying as the origins of this post’s spread may be, the unusual success of this map begs an important question about the important potential of using social media for communicating challenging global health issues like immunisation. Are we making the most of its responsive potential and huge reach?

Saving 4 Million Lives by 2015: The Word is Getting Out...

As we look at completing the 2015 objective of saving 4 million lives while setting new and more ambitious goals for 2020, more creative ideas will be needed from GAVI Alliance partners to keep our audiences moved, challenged, interested and engaged. The word is out, it’s now our task to continue this year’s momentum by sharing more inspiring immunisation stories than ever before.