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Jos Dirkx

Title Founder
Organization Girls & Football SA

Jos Dirkx grew up in Brazil, Bangladesh, Spain, Senegal, The Netherlands, Canada and Norway, and currently resides in South Africa where she founded the award-winning Girls & Football SA. Her passion for social justice and gender equality has propelled her participation in projects, debates, and campaigning for increased public awareness of women’s rights, and her hands-on experience with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has furthered her dedication to making social justice and gender equality a worldwide priority. Her unique global perspective, gained after traveling through 80 countries, motivates her to work for positive change.  She loves to travel, play sports, and enjoys singing, acting, reading and spending time with her family and friends. 

Posts By Jos Dirkx

World Contraception Day: Girls in South Africa Speak

Girls & Football SA, an award-winning NGO based out of South Africa, carried out a series of interviews with girls and women to discover how they felt about access to accurate information regarding their reproductive health and rights.

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