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Bill Gates

Title Co-Chair
Organization Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

As co-chair, Bill Gates shapes and approves foundation grantmaking strategies and advocates on behalf of the organization and its issues. Together with Melinda Gates, he works to expand opportunity to the world’s most disadvantaged people by collaborating with grantees and partners. They also participate in national and international events and travel extensively to focus attention on the issues that the foundation champions.

Posts By Bill Gates

Effort to Achieve a Polio-Free World Gets a Shot in the Arm

The fight to eradicate polio symbolizes what global health is all about. To wipe the virus off the face of the earth, we have to reach virtually every single child with the polio vaccine. No matter who they are. No matter where they live. However, not every child is lucky enough to be born in a country that is able to afford all the lifesaving vaccines. For example, until three years ago, children living in the poorest countries were not immunized against rotavirus and pneumonia, the two leading killers of children under five. This changed when an organization called the GAVI Alliance helped negotiate lower prices for these vaccines and started working with poor countries to introduce them into their routine immunization systems.

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India’s Finally Polio-Free. Here’s Why it Matters.

As of today, India has gone three years without a single case of wild poliovirus, which means it’s now officially “polio-free.” India’s achievement is one of the most impressive accomplishments in global health, ever.

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What I Learned About Polio in Nigeria

I had a great visit to Nigeria last month and was able to learn firsthand about how work is going on polio eradication and immunizing kids against preventable diseases.

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A Big Milestone for Saving Children

You won’t see many headlines about the World Health Organization’s decision today to endorse a new Japanese encephalitis vaccine. That’s too bad, because there’s a powerful story here about the tremendous progress the world is making to save and improve the lives of the world’s poorest.

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Innovation and Technology In Education

Finally, online learning and other educational technologies are taking off in a big way. As a result, the next decade is going to be a period of tremendous innovation in teaching and learning.

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