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García RuizCecilia _db

Cecilia García Ruiz

Title Gender Projects Coordinators
Organization Espolea

Cecilia García is a young activist who has been working to promote and defend the rights of young people since 2006. As the current Gender Projects Coordinator of Espolea, a Mexican youth-led organization, Cecilia has participated in different initiatives to promote young people’s sexual and reproductive rights, foster young women’s empowerment and prevent gender-based violence through peer education. She also conducts research on the situation of young people in Mexico and Latin America to identify the challenges they face when exercising their rights, and assists in the development of materials and resources that address the aforementioned topics from a youth and gender-sensitive approach. 

Posts By Cecilia García Ruiz

World Contraception Day: Young People Plan, Young People Decide

Yet this not the only barrier we, young people, face. Lack of timely and comprehensive sexuality education, limited choice of methods, violence and traditional gender roles are also underlying causes of the high rates of unwanted teen pregnancies worldwide.

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