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Ruth Kennedy-Walker

Title Water Supply and Sanitation Specialist
Organization World Bank Group

Ruth Kennedy-Walker is a Water and Sanitation Specialist in the World Bank’s Water Global Practice. Her work currently focuses on the preparation and implementation of water supply, sanitation and water resources management investment projects in Africa. She is also a core member of the Bank’s Urban Sanitation Global Team. She joined the World Bank in 2015 as a Young Professional.

Ruth has a Masters in Civil Engineering and a PhD in Environmental Engineering from Newcastle University, UK. Her research focused on identifying critical social and technical factors required to achieve sustainable Fecal Sludge Management services in complex low-income informal settlements in Lusaka, The Republic of Zambia. Prior to her PhD she gained experience working in a UK water and wastewater utility and was actively involved in the UK Sanitation Community of Practice.

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Half the world away? Fecal sludge and septage treatment in low and middle income countries

Within the pages of a newly-released engineering design manual, there are vital solutions for one of the most important sanitation challenges which most people have never heard of.

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