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Sonali Kochhar

A physician and clinical researcher, Dr Sonali Kochhar leads efforts to develop safe, affordable, and accessible vaccines and drugs for infectious diseases prevalent in the developing world. As the CEO and Medical Director of Global Healthcare Consulting and Scientific Researcher, Department of Public Health, Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, she has over twenty years of experience in a Leadership position for  global Phase I-IV Clinical Research, Epidemiology and Safety Studies for Vaccines and Drugs conducted in the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and India in Adult and Pediatric populations, Infectious Diseases (HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB, Influenza, Diarrheal Diseases, Neglected diseases), Vaccines for Pregnant women, Introduction of New Vaccines, Drugs and Technology, Healthcare Systems Strengthening (including Governance, Capacity Building, Logistics and Supply Chains) for Immunization and Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health programs, Pandemic Preparedness, HIV/AIDs Prevention, Care and Treatment, Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health, and working with vulnerable and at-risk populations (including women, adolescents, children, MSMs,  IDUs and Sex Workers).

She has been responsible for leading complex international projects and teams in thirteen Asian and four African countries, Europe and the USA. She has set up global multi-million dollar International Partnerships, Policy Development, Institutional Strengthening, with Government Partners (across Asia-Pacific, Africa, and South America), International Aid Agencies (Gates Foundation, USAID, Basque Government etc.), Public Health Authorities,  International and Bilateral Organizations (e.g. WHO, NIH, CDC), Regulatory Bodies (including the FDA, EMEA, African and Asian National Regulatory Authorities), Ethical Committees, Scientific Organizations, International Pharmaceutical Companies, Local Communities and the Media.

Kochhar has co-authored multiple internationally accepted Vaccine Safety Research Standards, Case definitions of Adverse Events for Vaccines Research, Guidelines for Vaccine Safety Research and Template Research Protocols. She serves on International Steering Committees (Wellcome Trust’s Independent Review Committee for Clinical Study Data Requests, International Alliance for Biological Standardization Human Vaccine Committee, Maternal Immunization Pharmacovigilance programs for Low and Medium Income Countries and the Global Alignment of Immunization Safety Assessment in Pregnancy (GAIA) etc). She was a member of the Gates Foundation’s Global Health Clinical Consortium Leadership Group, Harvard University’s Multi-Regional Clinical Trial Group, International Steering Committee member of the WHO Consultation on Safety of Immunization in Pregnancy in Mothers and Newborn Children, the Session Chair for the WHO Pediatric Deliberative Session on neonatal events in maternal immunization, expert groups involved in the development of a WHO globally integrated Vaccine Safety Monitoring system and Safety Standards for Malaria, Tuberculosis and AIDS Vaccine trials and International Scientific Advisory Boards. She serves as Guest Faculty for International Public Health and Vaccinology Programs, as a reviewer for journals like Vaccine, Lancet, Cochrane Review etc. and has published numerous peer-reviewed publications in the areas of Maternal Immunization, Vaccine and Drug Research and Safety.

Earlier as the Medical Director for the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative she provided leadership for the first AIDS vaccine research in India, as the Clinical Research and Drug Development Specialist she provided leadership for clinical research for PATH and as the Country Director for the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT for John Snow India Pvt. Ltd., she lead efforts to strengthen Healthcare Systems. She has been awarded the Vaccinology Fellowship Award from University of Geneva and Fondation Mérieux; Global Leadership Awards from Eli Lilly & Company, Indianapolis, U.S.A; Bharat Jyoti (Light of India) Award for medical achievements and the Serviers Young Investigator Award by Institute de Recherches Internationales, Servier, France. Dr Kochhar received her M.D. in Pharmacology, has done International Advanced Vaccinology courses from the University of Geneva and Fondation Mérieux, Annecy, France and Seoul, Korea and Epidemiology from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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Harmonized Safety Monitoring of Immunization in Pregnancy- the Global Alignment of Immunization Safety Assessment in Pregnancy (GAIA) project

Immunization in pregnancy is a promising public health strategy to reduce illness and death among pregnant women and young infants, especially in low and middle income countries.

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