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Trevor Mundel

Title President, Global Health
Organization Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Trevor Mundel, MD, is President of Global Health at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He leads the foundation’s efforts in research and development of health solutions, including vaccines, drugs, and diagnostics.

Posts By Trevor Mundel

Innovation: Building New Infrastructure to Fight Neglected Diseases

A new, more natural mouse model for cryptosporidiosis.

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Innovation: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Impact - Shedding New Light on Child Brain Development

Given the incredible scientific advances we read about every day in field after field, it’s stunning how little we know about certain things. One of the fields where we have the most to learn is brain development. Dr. Clare Elwell, a professor of medical physics at University College London, has an idea that may help open up this black box around babies’ brains—and, eventually, start driving down the number of children who are cognitively impaired.

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Innovation: Everything Old is New Again

When we think about scientific innovation, we tend to imagine the future: new drugs, ground-breaking methods, technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible. But good researchers don’t just look forward; they also reach into the past for inspiration—sometimes centuries into the past. That’s exactly what Dr. Miguel Prudêncio and his colleagues at Lisbon’s Instituto de Medicina Molecular are doing to create a approach to malaria vaccine development: they’re taking their cue from the very first vaccine.

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My Three Days at the Epicenter of Global Health Ingenuity and Transformation

Let’s face it: nobody really enjoys conferences. In theory, they give spread-out communities a chance to come together and engage in fierce debates and trenchant learning about important issues. But practice doesn’t always match the theory. Last week in London at the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting, however, it did.

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Innovation: Taking the Neglect out of Neglected Disease

Chances are you’ve never heard of onchocerciasis. Sometimes it’s known by the nickname “river blindness,” but you’ve probably never heard of that, either. Unfortunately, almost 40 million people suffer from it.

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