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Matej Novak

Title Director
Organization Bibliomist

As a Regional Director for Africa at the Beyond Access campaign supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Matej helps governments in Africa to modernize information infrastructure in order to address current government priorities – mainly literacy and workforce development. The Beyond Access team serves as cutting-edge advisers in Ethiopia, Nigeria and Mozambique who promote ICT literacy, integrate ICT into complex challenges and help communities live more informed and productive lives.

Prior to his current position in Africa, Matej managed a number of development projects with educational and ICT focus in Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Chechnya and Afghanistan. He has worked with the United Nations, several government agencies and international NGOs.

Matej holds an MA from George Washington University in Washington, DC; MA from Central European University in Budapest and BA from Charles University in Prague.

Posts By Matej Novak

Libraries Improving Lives of Displaced Populations

Addressing needs of IDPs and refugees in places where no public library exists in the vicinity, a French-based charity Libraries Without Borders has designed “Ideas Box” – a highly mobile information toolkit reminding a modern library packed into several large boxes.

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How Do Public Libraries Around the World Help Migrants?

By providing access to technology and trained library workers to facilitate its use, public libraries can play a critical role in advancing social and economic development, enhancing lives and strengthening communities.

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