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Rebekah Neal

Title Program Officer
Organization Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Rebekah Neal joined the foundation in July 2012 working with the Discovery and Translational Sciences team in Global Health. With D&TS, Rebekah serves as a Program Officer supporting the Grand Challenges, specifically focusing on the Grand Challenges Explorations initiative. The Grand Challenges Explorations initiative seeks to foster innovation in Global Health and Development research through an open, agile grant-making platform. Rebekah supports the initiative from topic development through GCE Phase I and Phase II awards, providing input to topic leads and program officers who use GCE as a platform to fund seed grants around specific health and development challenges.

Posts By Rebekah Neal

From Assessing Family Planning Needs to Accelerating Drug Development for Childhood Diarrhea - Big Ideas from Grand Challenges Explorations Latest Awardees

Big Ideas from Grand Challenges Explorations Latest Awardees

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Bold Ideas to Tackle Big Problems in Global Health and Development: Grand Challenges Explorations Round 16

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation continues to work with global innovators through the Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE) program.

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Mobile Money to Mosquitoes: Great Ideas from Grand Challenges Explorations Round 15

Today, we are pleased to announce the Phase I winners from the 15th round of Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE). The 59 winners from 16 countries were selected in a blinded and champion-based review process from an applicant pool of over 1,100 applicants from 91 countries.

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Herding mosquitos, peanut butter antibiotics, and LEDs that guess your age – just a few of the great ideas funded in Grand Challenges Explorations Round 14

After seven years and 14 rounds of Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE), you might think we’re finding the world to be out of big, bold ideas. But the challenge of “One great idea, $100,000 to prove it” continues to strike a chord with innovators around the world. This round, we received over 1,800 applications from 109 countries presenting creative solutions to the six challenges we posed. We are pleased to announce 52 awards to researchers in 19 countries.

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Learning How to Incite Healthy Behavior, How to Measure Brain Development

The Grand Challenges Explorations grants we are announcing today capture the spirit of this grant program.

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