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Ellyn Ogden

Title Worldwide Polio Eradication Coordinator
Organization US Agency for International Development (USAID)

Ellyn W. Ogden, MPH is the Worldwide Polio Eradication Coordinator for the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and a Senior Technical Advisor for Health and Child Survival. 

She is responsible for the Agency's $32 million annual polio eradication program and related immunization and disease control efforts, in over 25 countries in Africa, South Asia, and the Near East.   As the technical advisor and project manager for grants to WHO, UNICEF and NGOs working in polio eradication and child health, Ms. Ogden is responsible for a 15 year budget of $750 million.  Through this portfolio, Ms. Ogden fosters close linkages between organizations working on polio and broader child health problems.  Recognizing the need for equity and access to health services for all children, Ms. Ogden has directed special attention to children in conflict countries and among marginalized or under-served communities and is the USAID representative implementing President Obama’s outreach to the Organization of Islamic Conference on Polio Eradication and the lead technical delegate on the US-Russia Collaboration on Polio Eradication.

 A graduate of the Tulane University (BA International Relations) and the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (MPH Epidemiology and Infectious Disease Control), Ellyn has over 25 years of international public health experience in the areas of child survival, disease prevention and control, health communication, and health and human rights. During her career, Ms Ogden has served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Papua New Guinea and as a John's Hopkins University Health and Child Survival Fellow with USAID’s Latin America Bureau.  In 2008, Ms Ogden received a rare USAID ‘Award for Heroism’ for her efforts to negotiate “Days of Tranquility” in several conflict countries in Africa and Asia. She is also the recipient of Rotary International’s prestigious “Paul Harris Fellows Award” for Humanitarian Service. Ms. Ogden was USAID’s featured speaker at the White House ceremony commemorating USAID’s 50th Anniversary, November 23, 2011

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Polio Eradication in Action: Avoiding Complacency

Being in West Bengal, India on the anniversary of the country’s last polio case was extraordinary. The state Ministry of Health is very happy but circumspect. They know that much work remains until India can be certified polio-free along with the other countries in South East Asia.

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