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Konstantin Peric

Title Deputy Director, Payments Financial Services for the Poor, Global Development Program
Organization Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Kosta Peric is a technologist, and his interests lie at the point of fusion between technology, finance and innovation.

He is deputy director for the Financial Services for the Poor initiative at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in charge of payments. Previously he was the chief architect of SWIFNet, SWIFT’s global secure network connecting 10,000 financial institutions and corporates in the world, and co-founder of Innotribe, SWIFT’s initiative to enable collaborative innovation in financial services.

He is the author of The Castle And The Sandbox, a book on how to innovate in conservative companies using open innovation.

Posts By Konstantin Peric

An Open-Source Approach to Anti-Poverty

With our partners in the tech and fintech industries, we are proud to announce the release of new open-source software for creating digital payments systems that connect financial providers and poor populations like never before. If we can increase access to digital banking, we can help reduce poverty and build an economy that includes and benefits everyone.

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Challenge Accepted, $100,000 to Prove It

Building a digital economy that benefits everyone takes more than just getting the right technology and infrastructure in place. Economies are about people, first and foremost—and if people don’t actively adopt and use mobile money in their everyday lives, building a digital economy is near impossible.

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Two Challenges to Help Two Billion Reach Financial Security

Last fall, through Grand Challenges Exploration (GCE), we solicited applications from organizations large and small, calling for novel ways to promote universal acceptance of mobile payment systems among merchants who sell goods to the world’s poor. We want to continue exploring this challenge—and expand with a new call to action—for our second round of applications, launching today.

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Your Ideas Needed: The Grand Challenge of Digital Financial Inclusion

Grand Challenge Exploration for financial inclusion to promote widespread adoption of digital payments among merchant and service providers.

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Baggage of Understanding: Women's Groups in India Managing Money & Health Care

I’m back from a field trip in India (Delhi and two cities in the Uttar Pradesh state - Agra and Mathura). I’ve visited the slums and I come back with a baggage of understanding, compassion and hope. Despite the poverty and the difficulties of living in the slums, I have seen extraordinary courage in people

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