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Ciro de Quadros

Title Executive Vice President
Organization Sabin Vaccine Institute

Dr. Ciro de Quadros is the executive vice president of the Sabin Vaccine Institute.

Posts By Ciro de Quadros

Aging Populations Face Old Foe in Pneumococcal Disease

Are we doing enough to prevent pneumococcal disease among adults using the currently recommended vaccines? Is there a more effective intervention?

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The Case for Childhood Rotavirus Vaccines

We must commit to redoubling our efforts to ensure the evidence generated through surveillance, clinical trials and impact studies continues to inform how health programs develop so that, no matter where they are born, every child has access to health interventions that work, like rotavirus vaccines. Millions of children have already benefited from these vaccines—millions more continue to depend on us.

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No Time to Stop the Fight Against Polio

Since the launch of Bill Gates’ annual letter in January, discussion has reopened an old debate among experts about whether the final push to eradicate polio once and for all is possible, or even worth the effort.

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Eliminating Polio Is Within Our Reach

As we begin another year in the battle against polio, I am optimistic that eliminating this disease from the face of the planet is within our reach. Over the last 30 years, global health efforts have pushed polio to the brink, reducing its prevalence by 99 percent. Thanks to these efforts, the disease remains endemic in only a handful of countries, yet steep challenges remain as we work toward eradication.

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