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Sagrario Interian VarguezCinthia_db

Cinthia Sagrario Interian Varguez

Title Founder, Facilitator, Coordinator
Organization Kananataba

Cinthia is a volunteer and activity coordinator in a youth-run, youth-friendly resource space, “Kananataba".  She organizes and coordinates activities for local youth including workshops, leadership outings and discussions. Cinthia is in charge of networking with schools to bring information and resources to youth. She is also youth facilitator and counselor at Kananataba. Cinthia agraduated as a fellow from the Young Leadership Program in Sexual and Reproductive Health (GOjoven). She is is 23 years old and from Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Posts By Cinthia Sagrario Interian Varguez

World Contraception Day: Facing Up to Reality

A look at youth-friendly contraceptive and health services that are also culturally sensitive to different indiginous populations from the perpsective of a local community service volunteer in Mexico.

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