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Dr. Shibilu Shamsudeen

Title Medical Graduate

Dr. Shibilu Shamsudeen is a medical graduate currently living in the United Arab Emirates. As one of the co-founders of the Emirates Medical Students’ Society, former President and Regional Assistant to the Vice President for External Affairs in the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations, he has been involved in various projects ranging from public health,  humanitarian relief, and reproductive health. He is currently preparing for residency in the United States but am still very active in advocacy and educating the next generation of volunteers. I have conducted various workshops and authored the theme proposal for the 58th IFMSSA General Assembly Meeting in Macedonia. I completed my clinical rotations at Bombay Hospital in Mumbai, India and maintain very strong interest in General Surgery, Emergency  Medicine and OBGYN.


Posts By Dr. Shibilu Shamsudeen

World Contraception Day: Crossing the Borders of Tradition and Religion

Education is needed in order to change the perception of policy makers, and this education needs to be respectful of their traditional values while reassuring them of the benefits of making contraception available to young people.

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