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Reverend Songaye George-Buanne

Title Director
Organization FINE, Fambul Initiative Network for Equality

Reverence Songaye George-Buannie is the Director of Fambul Initiative Network for Equality-FINE, a male-led initiative to end gender based violence and promote sexual reproductive rights  in post war Sierra Leone. He is a  trained and ordained clergy and has served in many capacities both from the church front and at national level from the civil society and human rights.

Reverend Buannie graduated from Evangel Bible College in 1996 and also holds certificate in Human Rights studies from the Atlantic Human Rights Center, St Thomas University Canada. He is also the General Overseer and Pastor of the Lifeline Gethsemane Praise Ministries in Goderich, Freetown Sierra Leone.

Posts By Reverend Songaye George-Buanne

To Empower Women, Don’t Forget the Men

This is no ordinary school, and its lessons will not soon be forgotten. The men of Binkolo village are attending “husband school,” a project of the Fambul Initiative Network for Equality (FINE). They are learning new ways to relate to their wives and daughters, which could have far-reaching benefits for their families—and for the people of Sierra Leone.

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