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Chris Wilson

Title Senior Advisor, Global Health Discovery & Translational Sciences
Organization Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Dr. Chris Wilson is a senior advisor for the Discovery and Translational Sciences team, having previously served as Director from 2010 to 2016. This team seeks to identify, foster and translate fundamental scientific and technological advances into new solutions that can promote global health and wellbeing and help to prevent, diagnose and treat globally important diseases. They collaborate with partners within and outside the foundation to create a more integrated, agile R&D process to address the urgent unmet need for these new solutions.

Before joining the Foundation he was at the University of Washington as Chairman of the Department of Immunology and head of the graduate program in immunology, prior to which he led the Division of Infectious Diseases, Immunology and Rheumatology in the Department of Pediatrics. He has also served on a number of national advisory panels, including the Institute of Medicine Vaccine Safety Review Committee (2001-2004), the National Advisory Council on Child Health and Human Development, NICHD and the National Institutes of Health Advisory Committee to the Director. He currently serves on the National Advisory Allergy and Infectious Diseases Council (NIAID). He is an elected fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Wilson received a bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Irvine and a medical degree from UCLA. He trained in pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital /Harvard Medical School and was a post-doctoral fellow in infectious diseases while performing immunology research at Stanford University.

Posts By Chris Wilson

Promoting Science on Behalf of the Most Vulnerable

Today, the Gates Foundation is joining an exciting partnership with HHMI, Wellcome Trust, and the Portuguese Gulbenkian Foundation that will help dozens of scientific researchers around the world pursue whichever subjects capture their imagination. This amounts to an experiment for us. What happens when we support researchers whose general area of research aligns with our interests as a way to promote science on behalf of the poorest?

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A Grand Challenge: Can Vitamin D Improve Growth During Pregnancy?

We are happy to announce today over $21 million to 14 research teams in six countries within the Grand Challenges in Global Health initiative on the topics of "Discover New Ways to Achieve Healthy Growth," and "Biomarkers of Gastrointestinal Function and Health."

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Grand Challenges Explorations: One Great Idea, Two Pages

We’re on the hunt for innovation. The reason why is simple. Innovation fuels progress. And progress is what’s needed to solve the global health and development challenges we face.

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Engaging the Best Minds to Tackle Global Health Challenges

One hundred years ago the mathematician David Hilbert formulated a list of important unsolved problems that has encouraged innovation in mathematical research ever since. Seven years ago, inspired by Hilbert’s example, we identified 14 major global health challenges that, if overcome, could lead to breakthrough advances for those in the developing world.

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