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Stephen Ward

Title Program Officer
Organization Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Stephen Ward currently serves as a program officer within the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Discovery & Translational Sciences team, focused on efforts in early-stage drug discovery.  In his time at the foundation, Stephen has been closely involved in the Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE) program for providing staged support for innovative new concepts in global health, as well as working with foundation’s Family Planning, HIV, Malaria, and Neglected Infectious Diseases teams.  Prior to joining the foundation in 2009 as an Associate Program Officer in Global Health, Stephen served as a senior consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton and provided technical and programmatic support to a number of non-profit, government, and commercial efforts, particularly focused on drug discovery for global health and defense.  While in this role, he supported a number of projects with the foundation, including implementation of the GCE program and assisting in a scientific review of the TB Drug Accelerator Program.

Stephen received his BS in Biology from the University of Kentucky, a PhD in Molecular Microbiology from Washington University, and completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at the Harvard School of Public Health.  His past research and current interests focus on the role of host-pathogen interactions in infectious disease pathogenesis and how this biology can inform development of new interventions.

Posts By Stephen Ward

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