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Big Ideas from Grand Challenges Explorations New Wave of Awardees

Great Ideas Come from Everywhere, 28 Grand Challenges Explorations projects from 11 countries are part of today's Gates Foundation's announcement.

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My Three Days at the Epicenter of Global Health Ingenuity and Transformation

Let’s face it: nobody really enjoys conferences. In theory, they give spread-out communities a chance to come together and engage in fierce debates and trenchant learning about important issues. But practice doesn’t always match the theory. Last week in London at the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting, however, it did.

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Breathing Away: Bringing Down Child Deaths From Pneumonia

Malaria Consortium's Pneumonia Diagnostics Project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, is working to find the best tools to detect symptoms of pneumonia in remote rural settings so that children can be properly treated.

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Innovation: Finding the Problems and Solutions in the World Around Us

The invention of a spaceship that can make sophisticated discoveries 140 million miles away is an extraordinary feat on the part of the human race. But there are other extraordinary innovations that don’t require a billion-dollar piece of equipment. Sometimes, all they require is stuff that’s just lying around.

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African Innovation for African Challenges

Three of the top priorities in African development are agriculture, health, and business creation. Nigerian scientist Olufunke Cofie and her Burkinabe colleague Josiane Nikiema of the International Water Management Institute have found a way to advance all three at the same time. They are working on a project to convert a material already found in abundance everywhere in Africa—the contents of our septic tanks and pit latrines—into a fertilizer robust enough to replenish the depleted soil of sub-Saharan Africa.

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