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Innovation: Understanding Global Differences in Human Milk Nutrients

Lindsay Allen, the Director of the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center in Davis, California, might know more about vitamin B-12 deficiency than anyone in the world. By now there’s not much in the study of B-12 that surprises her. But Dr. Allen says that when she was researching infant nutrition in Guatemala – and figured out that half of the babies in her study got virtually no vitamin B-12 from their mothers’ milk – the discovery “freaked me out.” She immediately turned her attention studying breast milk. And the Gates Foundation is supporting her as she works to make sure that every child gets the best nutrition possible, right from birth.

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Innovation: How a 50-Year-Old Drop of Blood Helps Solve an Urgent Global Health Challenge

In high-income countries, babies born preterm (before 37 weeks in the womb) are at increased risk for complications, but many of these complications can be treated effectively with readily available tools, including ventilators to help preterm newborns breathe, IV lines to supply nutrition and antibiotics to treat sepsis.

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Innovation: Expanding the Fight Against Malaria

When your goal is just to reduce illness and death caused by malaria, you’re likely to focus most of your energy on Plasmodium falciparum – the deadliest and most common parasite behind the disease. But when you’re trying to end malaria for good – eradicate it from the face of our planet – you have to tackle malaria in all its forms, including P. vivax. This presents additional challenges that require innovation.

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African Innovation for African Challenges

Three of the top priorities in African development are agriculture, health, and business creation. Nigerian scientist Olufunke Cofie and her Burkinabe colleague Josiane Nikiema of the International Water Management Institute have found a way to advance all three at the same time. They are working on a project to convert a material already found in abundance everywhere in Africa—the contents of our septic tanks and pit latrines—into a fertilizer robust enough to replenish the depleted soil of sub-Saharan Africa.

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Grand Challenges Thailand Joins Global Family of Grand Challenge Initiatives

Grand Challenges Thailand Launched

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