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Polio will be eradicated

Polio thrives in climates of neglect and indifference, but the world's refusal to accept its existence will drive it out wherever it may live.

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Join Our Call to Make Women Matter

Passionate women and girls are fighting to create a more positive future. From heads of state to midwives in remote villages, they are refusing to accept the status quo, refusing to keep quiet and refusing to accept inequality.

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Photo of the Day: Ensuring All Children Can Live Free of Polio

Photo of the day for Tuesday, January 29, 2012.

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World Contraception Day: Overcoming Obstacles By Empowering Youth

A young medical student, in Nigeria, writes about the necessity of youth-friendly health services for access to contraception.

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A polio-free world is still possible

Ten years after Europe was declared polio-free, the world stands tantalisingly close to eradicating the disease for good. With global cases at their lowest levels since records began - only 650 new cases in 2011 there is an opportunity to stamp out this debilitating and destructive virus.

Yet, the world’s chances of achieving this once unthinkable goal are being jeopardised by a funding gap of $945 million (€757 million) – almost half the amount originally planned for 2012-2013.

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