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What Can We Learn From the Best School Systems in East Asia?

A new report gives us a glimpse into what the United States educational system can learn from the best school systems in East Asia.

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Fighting Polio: The Rotary Asset

Rotary has an incredible asset in its brand, which stands for character, integrity and passion for service. But most importantly it has an asset of 1.2 million people who have and continue to use their voices and talents to help end polio. Rotary has an incredibly opportunity to build partnerships, to create energy and to use its assets to build an even bigger asset – one that can change the world forever.

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Why We Must Stay Committed to Alleviating Poverty

Over the last 50 years, development aid has contributed to advances in agriculture and health that have saved a billion people from starvation and millions more from deadly diseases. Despite the current economic crisis, it’s important that the world’s wealthier nations continue to look beyond their national borders. Maintaining their current commitment level—about 1% of public spending—will save lives and dramatically improve living and economic conditions in the world’s poorest countries.

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