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Innovation: Finding the Problems and Solutions in the World Around Us

The invention of a spaceship that can make sophisticated discoveries 140 million miles away is an extraordinary feat on the part of the human race. But there are other extraordinary innovations that don’t require a billion-dollar piece of equipment. Sometimes, all they require is stuff that’s just lying around.

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Announcing the Next Phase of Grand Challenges

In-depth descriptions of three new Grand Challenges are available online; the application period opens November 4 and will remain open until January 2015.

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A Mother’s Gift: Vaccinating Mom Can Protect Baby Too

A landmark study shows that influenza vaccination of pregnant women is safe and protects women and their infants against the flu.

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Jarring Numbers on Financial Inclusion Point to Opportunities for Digitizing Payments

New World Bank report for the G20 finds clear evidence that digital payments can reduce cost and increase the security of sending and receiving payments, and help progress towards the goal of broader financial inclusion for economies of all sizes, for governments, and for millions of people not included in the financial system - especially women.

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Great News for HIV Prevention in Africa

The research confirms that voluntary medical male circumcision can play a vital role in changing the trajectory of Africa's HIV epidemic.

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