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Every Child is a Work of Art: Let's Help Washington Students Create their Inner Masterpiece

New Deputy Director for the Washington State P-16 Strategy, Jean-Claude Brizard, shares his passion for education and why he's excited to join the Pacific Northwest team.

Patrick Methvin Selected as Postsecondary Success Director

Allan C. Golston, president of the foundation's United States Program, announces that Patrick Methvin will lead the Postsecondary Success strategy. Patrick brings deep knowledge of higher education innovation to the role, as well as passion for harnessing that innovation to benefit more of today’s college students.

Adding to the Innovation Ecosystem: Announcing Five New Grand Challenges Calls

This month, we are announcing five new challenges that collectively provide some perspective on the scale and scope of our ambitions. We started Grand Challenges almost 15 years ago to encourage people with big ideas to concentrate on the problems that prevent the poorest from thriving. We invite you to apply to one of the challenges and join us.

Innovation: Understanding Global Differences in Human Milk Nutrients

Lindsay Allen, the Director of the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center in Davis, California, might know more about vitamin B-12 deficiency than anyone in the world. By now there’s not much in the study of B-12 that surprises her. But Dr. Allen says that when she was researching infant nutrition in Guatemala – and figured out that half of the babies in her study got virtually no vitamin B-12 from their mothers’ milk – the discovery “freaked me out.” She immediately turned her attention studying breast milk. And the Gates Foundation is supporting her as she works to make sure that every child gets the best nutrition possible, right from birth.

Learning in Action

The change we seek to boost success for today’s college students absolutely depends on our ability and willingness to learn from our gains and setbacks and adapt our strategies. There is much more that we still have to learn about increasing educational opportunity and success for a growing and changing nation. But it’s important to reflect candidly on what we already have learned, and then take action.