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Have You Read the Latest? Golden Rice, BioCassava Plus, and More

April 14, 2011

If you’ve been reading the foundation blog this morning, you’re in the know about our recent announcement.

If you haven’t, you may want to start with Filipino rice farmer Edwin Paraluman’s insightful story. Then from there, you can read up on what others are saying about the announcement. What’s the news, you say?

The foundation announced today two grants to fund the development of rice and cassava (a staple crop upon which millions of Africans rely) with enhanced nutrients to offer some of the world’s poorest people in Asia and Africa better nutrition.

What happens when we can offer millions, around the world, the chance to grow and eat food with more vitamins and minerals? We reduce or even prevent childhood death, disease, and, as noted by a partner in this effort—the Helen Keller Institute (HKI)—childhood blindness as well.

Working with partners like the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) and the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center among others, two new projects in particular—the development of Golden Rice and BioCassava Plus—have exciting potential.

The news is spreading.

  • Over at the international science journal Nature, you can check out “Grants aim to fight malnutrition.”
  • Georgina Gustin, in the St. Louis Dispatch, notes that the ultimate goal, with an improved BioCassava Plus, is to get it “into the hands of farmers without any royalty fees.”

Or feel free to spend some time here on our blog, and read up on how:

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