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More Than a Goal: Success and Social Responsibility

August 09, 2011

My grandfather, towards the end of his life, used to tell me that he thought life was like a theatre, with its scenery and its stage, where you can choose to be an actor or a member of the audience. As a result of his experience, he felt it was much better to be an actor. For him, as an actor you can decide which plays you will appear in, whilst being a member of the audience means you can only come to a play that you can do nothing to affect, merely observe and sometimes applaud or whistle at what you see. My grandfather explained to me that being an actor didn’t mean you had to look for the limelight—it means being pro-active, optimistic, supportive, being a lover of the culture of effort, hardworking, ambitious, and full of life.

All of us can be actors, each of us in our own world, our own circle, profession, or activity. I have no doubt that Bill and Melinda Gates chose that role for themselves. They are the best actors in this theatre of life. Their example, their capacity and their desire to help others have made them what I would call “buenas personas buenas”—people who are good at what they do and how they do it.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Fundació FC Barcelona share the same objectives. The two organisations have a special sense of social responsibility. We identify those communities who are most in need of help and, based on our knowledge and the values which define us, we look for the strongest and prestigious alliances to join forces and give shape to our projects.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a family foundation—a characteristic which also defines the social mass of our own Club. We are a big family and as one of the verses of our Club anthem puts it, “it matters not where we come from”—we work for the people of Catalonia who need help, but we also try to help others in the rest of the world.

As I believe has happened with Bill and Melinda Gates, success—in our case sporting success—acts as a spring to spur us to achieve the social aims that have become so exciting and challenging for us all.

More Than a Goal. End Polio.

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