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Celebrate Digital Learning Day

February 01, 2012

Today, thousands of teachers and millions of students are participating in Digital Learning Day. This exciting online event, hosted by the Alliance for Excellent Education, is a nationwide celebration of the ways innovations in digital media and technology can transform teaching and learning. With many partners and more than 10,000 teachers participating, it will also challenge a generation of educators to explore how technology can help improve student success.

We spend a lot of time talking with teachers, and they tell us over and over that they want better feedback on student performance, so that they can better personalize learning.  We think technology can help meet that need by linking more specific data on students’ performance with different content and exercises for what each student can do next based on their current strengths and weaknesses.

That’s why we’re investing in a new generation of online courses and models that blend in-person and digital approaches as a way to give teachers the supports they need to be more effective. Teachers inform this work.

We recently surveyed teachers in grades six through 12 to better understand how they use technology and to learn what prevents them from using it more. Teachers told us that technology must fit seamlessly into their classroom routines and into the lives and habits of their students. Technology fails, they said, when it is not easily adaptable into the classroom experience.

Teachers also said they want to learn about how technology has been proven to help students achieve. And they need more support in better integrating technology into their teaching practices.

Later this month, we’ll be releasing the full report and we’re excited to put this information to work with our partners so that we can all better support teachers, and provide them with the tools they want and need to help every child succeed.

In the meantime, we want to hear more from you. What can we do to help create technology tools that support effective teaching?


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