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Nominate An Inspiring Idea for Girls and Women!

February 04, 2012

Who - or what - inspires you most when it comes to addressing the lives and health of girls and women? Nominate them for "Women Deliver 50"! 

What is "Women Deliver 50"?

Every year, the global women's health advocacy organization, Women Deliver, looks for the most inspiring and innovative ideas and solutions when it comes to the inequities women and girls face around the globe. Here's what they say,

"This year, to continue the momentum, we are spotlighting the top 50 inspiring ideas and solutions that deliver for girls and women. We would love to hear what you think are the most innovative, impactful, and promising advancements in overcoming gender inequality."

The ideas could come in a variety of packages - from an advocacy campaign to a technology initiative. But it must be something that helps to improve the condition of women and girls around the world. Do you know of a particularly powerful campaign addressing violence against women you think deserves more notice? Have you viewed a video recently which explores the issue of child marriage or sex trafficking? Maybe you've heard about an educational program focused on HIV/AIDS for girls in the developing world. Nominate it today.

Nominations must be submitted no later than February 10th so send in your best examples!

For all the information you need or want visit the Women Deliver site.  In an effort to ensure full disclosure, I'm on the selection committee (so don't send me flowers or candy or emails about how brilliant I am).

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