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It's Almost Tax Time in the U.S.: Where Do Those Taxes Go?

April 02, 2012

We talk a lot here at the foundation about foreign aid, smart aid, and development. But what exactly do those words mean? How does aid (economic assistance the United States provides, in this instance ) affect our lives and the lives of those around the globe?

My colleague, Corrie Frasier, breaks it down  in this excellent post, "A Primer on Aid."

It's almost tax time here in the United States (April 15!) and the ONE campaign has come up with an amazing online tool that helps you calculate exactly how much of your tax money goes to national defense, social security, and foreign aid.

It will also tell you what your foreign aid dollars buy in terms of vaccines, bed nets (which protect against malaria, a deadly disease especially throughout Africa) and HIV treatments.

So, go ahead, plug in the numbers. The results may surprise you.

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