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The Big Picture: A Video Playlist for TEDxChange

April 04, 2012

Tomorrow during TEDxChange: The Big Picture, we will take a step back to look at how, as a global society, we can better work together to create positive change. We’ll hear from speakers about issues we must confront and ideas we can leverage in order to help those in greatest need  achieve self-sufficiency.

As we enter the final countdown, here are a few videos to help get you in the right frame of mind for the TEDxChange program. I hope you enjoy! 

Bryan Stevenson draws on his experience with the American criminal justice system as well as lessons from his grandmother to illustrate the link between poverty and injustice. He makes the point that societies are ultimately judged by how they treat those most in need and that “our visions of technology, design, entertainment, and creativity have to be married with a vision of humanity, compassion, and justice.”

Jonathan Klein only needs six quick minutes to remind us of the universal power of images. By transcending beliefs and borders, images can move beyond documenting history and actually dictate the road ahead.

Each individual, community, and culture has their own story. Chimamanda Adichie is a Nigerian novelist and she argues that when one narrative defines a person, an issue, or a society it can be dangerously reductive. The “danger of the single story” has plagued the stereotypical view of Africa as a place only of suffering and conflict, when in fact this story is different for every person and every geography across the continent. A powerful reminder to understand local nuance.

And finally, a non-TED talk. Do you remember Salim, Sikha, and the other Revolutionary Optimists we met during the first TEDxChange event in 2010? This group of children from a Kolkata slum isn’t searching for rescue--they're change agents working to transform their local community.

They took on polio vaccination coverage in their neighborhood and since we've last heard from them, India has been declared polio-free for the first time ever. We'll feature an update on their story during the 2012 TEDxChange event.

Please join us for the global TEDxChange conversation April 5 at 5:30PM CET/11:30AM EST.

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