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At a Toilet Fair - Day 2

August 15, 2012

After the scramble to--set up windmills, configure incinerators, and of course put up correct directional signage--the last two days have transformed the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Seattle campus to a haven for fake poop, reporters, camera crews, and a whole lot of toilet aficionados.

On the first day of the Reinvent the Toilet Fair, Bill Gates and His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange took a tour of the exhibits, and Gates announced the California Institute of Technology as the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge winner. Here are some photos from the day’s exciting events:


Bill Gates and His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange.

His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange with researchers from Delft University of Technology.


 Researchers from the University of Singapore.


Bill Gates presenting the first prize award to California Institute of Technology.

All in all, yesterday was a long, exciting, and very enlightening day.

 We'll have more tomorrow about the final day of the fair, and the community reception that is planned for later this evening.


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