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Social Good Summit: Building the Global Conversation

September 17, 2012

Each year the United Nations General Assembly marks an opportunity for global leaders to gather in New York to address and take action against some of the world’s most pressing issues. But for those not attending the conference, it can be difficult to find a meaningful way to participate in U.N. week and offer ideas from our own communities. This is why I’m excited for the foundation to be participating in the Social Good Summit, a global platform that gives anyone, anywhere a seat at the table.

The Summit will bring together social activists, development workers, forward-thinking technologists, young entrepreneurs and the wider public to share ideas on how to tackle global development problems using technology and social media. In partnership with Mashable, the UN Foundation, 92nd Street Y, the UN Development Programme and Ericsson, our goal is to engage the global community to spur innovative thinking on our toughest issues.

This year the Summit is developing beyond the US to become a truly global conversation. We have flagship events taking place in Beijing, Nairobi, and New York, along with more than 250 locally organized meet-ups, and people from around the world will be engaged in a 3-day conversation answering the question:

How can new media and technology create solutions in your community?

I’m looking forward to joining our Chinese Social Media for Social Good Alliance partners to speak at the Summit’s Beijing event on September 24th. China is a great example of the incredible impact possible when innovative thinkers come together to use social media for social good. I’ll be using my voice at the Summit to share some of the amazing work we’re seeing in China, and how important it is to continue growing the global conversation so that it builds far beyond this single event.

No matter where in the world you are, we hope you can find a way to participate, whether by watching via Live Stream, posting to Twitter or Weibo, or attending one of the many meet-ups or events. We look forward to seeing the ideas, solutions, and real impact that come out of this year’s event.  

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