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Zhe Feng, A New Champion in the Fight Against Polio

October 02, 2012

At the Social Good Summit (#SGSglobal) in Beijing last week, Chinese Olympic winning gymnast Zhe Feng gave an impassioned speech on the need for a final push to end polio. He spoke of his own recent education about the disease and realization that while his own training is exceptionally challenging, he is fortunate even to have the opportunity to compete while children are still succumbing to this debilitating and vaccine-preventable disease.

I was truly inspired by Zhe’s commitment to the cause, his energy, and excitement about the opportunity to achieve eradication. We are 99% there and while fewer than 150 new polio cases have been confirmed this year, significant challenges still remain as we look to eliminate that last percent.

Bill Gates also spoke at a UN event last week on the need for the global community to come together with the financial resources, political commitment, and innovation necessary to end polio forever. We have never been this close to eradication, and are so pleased to have Zhe Feng’s support as we set our sights on this final goal.

If you didn’t have a chance to watch the live stream of the Social Good Summit, view the videos here, continue to join the conversation using hash tag #SGSglobal, and let us know your thoughts on how to use social media for social good.

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