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A New Twist to the Giving Tradition?

November 27, 2012

Nearly half of all Americans—an estimated 152 million—were at a mall, in a store or on a website last year on the day after Thanksgiving in order to get a jump on their holiday shopping. Who knows how many hours were spent picking out that perfect gift for that special someone.

We also know that there is a recent trend to give a donation to a charity in lieu of a gift for someone, a gift that can reward in a different way. Last year, for example, a friend gave a cow to a family in Tanzania instead of giving me a fruit cake – I was thrilled. 

This year there is an even better twist to it.

This year my family and friends will get to decide what organization they want to support with the gift I am giving them. Catapult is a crowd-funding platform that supports women’s and girls’ health and equity through projects around the world. I buy gift cards for my friends and family for the holidays on the Catapult website, and they get to decide which project they want to support. It could be helping to form women’s groups in Cambodia to improve their nutrition. Or maybe this year my brother wants to support reproductive health classes for women in the Philippines. My daughters may choose to support a safer place for pregnant women to deliver in Sierra Leone. Or maybe they choose one of the other hundreds of projects on the website.

Whichever project they choose, they will be making a huge difference in women’s and girls’ lives around the world.

Maybe someone you know doesn’t really want another sweater or pair of penguin socks. Maybe they want to change the world instead. Give them the option to do that on Catapult.

With Catapult gift cards, you share the opportunity to advance the lives of girls and women around the world. It's a powerful way to let friends and family donate directly and know exactly where their contribution is going. For today, the first #GivingTuesday, Catapult is offering email Gift Cards - no stamp needed! Catapult biodegradable and print-at-home gift cards will be available soon.



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