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Daily Scoop: The Guardian's Take on Booming Countries & the Developed World's Gender Gap

December 20, 2012

Here are the headlines that caught my eye today:

Despite continued economic challenges in Europe and North America, some countries are enjoying strong growth. The Guardian's fantastic interactive map focuses on Chile, Ghana, Indonesia, Mexico, Thailand, and Turkey by looking at child mortality, university enrollment, mobile phone subscriptions, and tourism activity.

According to the latest report on gender and employment from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development across the developed world and in other countries tracked by the organization, men spend more minutes per day in paid work than women do. But when it comes to unpaid work—activities like child care and cleaning—women spend vastly more time than men in every country the organization included in its analysis. Of the countries surveyed, the gap is biggest in India, where women spend on average 94 minutes more time than men on total work each day. The big takeaway: the traditional division of labor appears deeply ingrained, in both rich countries and poor ones.

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