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Daily Scoop: 3 Stories of Progress (Already) in 2013

January 02, 2013

It's the second day of 2013 and it's the time of year for many to feel renewed and resolute as we tackle our goals for the year ahead. But, of course, for millions around the world it's simply another day, week, and month in the struggle for the most basic of needs: food, health, clean water, a place to live.

So the foundation recommits to working with those in the poorest regions of the world to help meet those needs -- and to working with all of you as well.  Here are 3 ways forward that give us hope:

  • The first new drug in 40 years to treat Tuberculosis. For many of us, TB is a distant memory. Maybe a story in the family archives. But for millions of people around the world, it's a very real daily threat; especially as it becomes resistant to existing treatments. A new drug may signal new hope!
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