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CHIME FOR CHANGE: Girls' and Women's Empowerment, Powered by Catapult

February 28, 2013

What do Beyoncé and Catapult have in common? Yes, it’s true, in addition to founding Catapult, the first crowdfunding community dedicated to raising money and awareness for women's and girls' issues, I’m also a musician. But the real answer is that a number of incredible women, including Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Salma Hayek-Pinault, are taking the lead on a new global initiative: CHIME FOR CHANGE. Founded by Gucci, and powered by Catapult, CHIME FOR CHANGE is a new, global campaign focused on girls' and women's empowerment.  

"Powered by Catapult” means that together we have the opportunity to turn noise into action for girls and women everywhere. Through Catapult, all of the amazing energy, support, and funds raised by CHIME will go directly to people on the ground. Whether, it is working to teach Afghan girls to read via their mobile phones, placing pregnant mothers in community birthing homes closer to health clinics, providing access to family planning for young women or working with boys to end violence against women. Or, taking a stand that child marriage is just never OK.

Big movements grab headlines, but there is often a gap between awareness and tangible action. Catapult was created as a solution to that problem. We connect people who care about gender justice to hard-working organizations that advance the lives of girls and women.

It’s the quiet, tireless and sometimes dangerous work of Catapult’s partner organizations that are tackling some of the hardest issues facing girls and women’s lives worldwide. Unfortunately, as many of us know all too well, these organizations are often so underfunded that one in five is in imminent danger of closing.

Our crowd-funding model empowers citizens to browse and fund projects that deliver real change around the world. There is no “lady in the middle”: 100 percent of donations go to the organizations, who launch projects as soon as they are funded.


Advisory board members of CHIME include: Jill Sheffield, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sarah Brown, and Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy.  New Catapult curators will be announced over the next few months; join the first three, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, Salma Hayek Pinault, and Frida Giannini on Catapult starting today.

When we launched Catapult, we didn’t expect to be partnering with celebrities and Gucci within three months, but CHIME is an outstanding opportunity to bring diverse communities together and turn that noise into ACTION!

As I’ve said before: Don’t just talk about the girl. Fund her. So don’t just stand there—join CHIME now.

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