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Tuberculosis: A Simple and Powerful Story of Global Progress

March 22, 2013

Tuberculosis isn't something you generally expect to grab headlines. But lately, it has. 

Drug-resistant strains that are difficult to control have received a lot of recent media coverage, and rightfully so. These worrisome strains have the potential to spread quickly and widely. 

But there's another story that needs to be told as well. A simple and powerful story about the amazing global progress that we're making against TB. 

If there's anything new you learn today about how the biggest problems of the world are improving, let it be this:

  • TB is a tough opponent - one that kills three people per minute
  • The world has saved 20 million lives in the recent years thanks to powerful new tools
  • The Global Fund and its partners are leading the way in this work to save and improve lives

Learn more in the infographic below and lend your voice to help share the facts. 

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