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Cultivating a New Generation of Young Female Leaders

April 29, 2013

Maybe it’s the change in temperature or the adoption of 21 new sisters that has my optimism level at its highest in months. Whatever the reason, in less than 50 days, the 4th G(irls)20 Summit will take place from the Google Moscow offices.  Over six days, an international delegation of girls from G20 countries and one from Africa will tackle the same agenda as the G20 Leaders – Jobs, Growth & Investment.  We will take the agenda a few steps further by looking at the importance of economically empowering girls and women so they can play a vital role in the growth of economies and stabilization of their countries. And to make things really interesting, we will layer in and show how technology accelerates the empowerment of girls & women in mining, agriculture, health, etc.

More than a Summit we offer a multi-phased approach to cultivating these future leaders and we do this by working in partnership with more than 50 social profit organizations and dozens of private sector partners.

G(irls)20 features workshops that will teach the delegates everything from how to be media savvy and garner public support for their causes to learning financial fundamentals. We don’t do this because we are trying to create a group of bankers, we do this because whether you are a doctor, lawyer, miner, teacher or social entrepreneur, these are basic skills and all of us need to have them.

The Summit exposes the delegates to the latest information, trends, ideas and provocations.  We have had incredible speakers from the World Bank, World Economic Forum, Nike Foundation, Norton Rose, Google, Nissan, Women Deliver, UN Women and have been joined by activists like Forest Whitaker, Christy Turlington, Deepa Mehta, Jann Arden, Maria Bello and others. This year we will hear from amazing women and men who will help this new cohort of delegates as they design innovative and necessary solutions for consideration by G20 Leaders.

After we hand over the communiqué to the Russian Sherpa, Ksenia Yudaeva, our post Summit work begins. Through a global mentorship program with our private sector partners, each of the Ambassadors (former delegates) design a community-based initiative or goal that will help to empower other girls and women in the delegate's backyard.  This pay it forward approach has already yielded amazing results.

Finding partners and new ways to elevate our program so more girls from various walks of life can participate is key to our success.  That is why we are proud to have partnered with Catapult.  We hope you will join us in economically empowering girls and women around the world by supporting the G(irls)20 Summit via Catapult. You can also support us and learn more by liking us on Facebook, following us @Girls20Summit, and going viral with your support by giving G(irl)20 Summit your number.

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