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5 Things We All Should Know About Hunger and Malnutrition

June 12, 2013

Hunger. Malnutrition. What do you think of when you hear these words? You probably don't think "silent crisis", right? This isn't a very quiet crisis. There are millions of hungry people in the world - and nowhere is this number more devastating, than when applied to children. But while the images many of us have in our heads tell a story we've been fed about hunger, the truth may look very different. Many children suffer from what is sometimes called "hidden hunger" or "undernutrition" --a lack of proper nutrition--called this because often times a child may not look sick or starving. But their body is slowly being starved of the nutrients it needs to function properly and this can result in stunting which can permanently affect brain development in children. What can you do to help?

The first Nutrition for Growth Summit just ended and an agreement was signed by country governments, organizations working to end hunger, and even private companies to take action and end malnutrition. How? Check out the facts below. Read up. Take action. Let's make sure this is no longer a silent crisis but a visible series of success stories for women and children. 

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