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Reporting on Global Health in a "New Media" World

June 12, 2013

Encouraging both traditional and new media outlets to cover the full spectrum of health issues that people face around the world--particularly in poor countries where there are unique and immense challenges--should be a part of what we all do as global citizens. New media tools like blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Storify, and more have opened journalistic doors unimaginable just ten years ago. With only a mobile phone, even those in the most remote regions of the world can provide text-based updates in real time about emergent and urgent situations. New media tools have both expanded the opportunities for conversation and coverage and brought us closer together, in many respects,  as we learn so much about how our fellow humans live half-way across the earth. 

Today, six new media journalists - from all over the world discussed (on--what else--Twitter) the ways in which new media impact the work they do. These International Reporting Project fellows talked about the challenges they've faced and the successes they've had reporting on global health, particularly in new media settings. Check out the Storify below for more and if you're a journalist or a blogger, or just have an interest in this issue, scan #healthreporting for more!

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