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5 NGOs That Use Vine for Creative Storytelling

August 26, 2013

From my vantage point nonprofits and NGOs are slow to adopt Vine. Consumer brands from Target to Nissan are ramping up their vine presence utilizing the medium in creative ways to sell more products and spread awareness to social media happy consumers. And, of course, everyday people are pushing creative boundaries in six second stories. Just go explore the Vine app and check out the featured videos. 

Here are five NGOs I think are using Vine in compelling ways. Some use raw video from the field. Others use expert testimonies, and still others create stop motion animated shorts. Whatever the style these NGOs are challenging others in the nonprofit arena to start telling stories in faster, more succinct ways. 


On World Malaria Day UNICEF shared a creative Vine video that showed a mosquito protesting bed nets outside its offices. This is a great example of creative storytelling, using facts, as well as highlighting a branded hashtag.


 Greenpeace USA 

Greenpeace used the expert voice of a marine biologist and oceans director to impart information about the importance of saving our oceans. Authoritative and to the point, this Vine video packs a punch with quick, credible information. 

Hope for Haiti

It’s always nice to see NGOs' work in the field. Raw video in these situations tell a vibrant story about the people whose lives are being impacted by the work of NGOs as well as the use of donations from supporters.


Malaria No More

This stop motion animated short was Malaria No More's quick way to say Happy Mother's Day. Compelling and eye-catching, this Vine video pushes the limits on ways to use animation on Vine. Notice the branding as well as the color coordination between Malaria No More's logo color and the orange teapot. Clever. 


I must also highlight UNICEF's use of animation in a Vine video thanking its two million followers. It caught my eye immediately. 

WaterAid America 

 In this Vine video WaterAid America shows how many liters it takes for an HIV positive person to take ARVs every day. It's quick facts like this that are worthy of sharing and are ultimately very memorable.

Have you seen other examples of NGOs that are using Vine in creative ways? Tweet me at @jenniferjames to let me know. 

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