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5 Ways You Can Help in the Fight to End Polio

October 24, 2013

We are closer to eradicating polio than ever and ensuring that no child anywhere will needlessly suffer from this preventable disease. Yesterday, our friends at the UN Foundation posted a great blog in advance of World Polio Day titled 5 Reasons to Care About Polio. Now that you have a few reasons to care, I wanted to share a few ways you can get involved in the fight.

1. Share this infographic that explains why eradicating polio is about so much more than ending this one terrible disease

2. Honor the health workers who go to absolutely incredible means to ensure children get the vaccinations they need by sharing this video.

3. 99 percent isn’t good enough for Leo Messi and it isn’t good enough for us. Share this video to show you agree 99 percent is not enough – we must finish the job.

4. Follow and join the conversation with polio partners, advocates, and the community on Twitter: #endpolio

5. Participate in Rotary International’s livestream event, World Polio Day: Making History

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