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PODCAST: Inside the Gates Goes Back to School

October 03, 2013

Notebook? Check. Pens? Check. Calculator? Check. Sack lunch? Check. I can remember packing up the essentials for the first days of school. Having the right tools to do my work was important, but it was great teachers that helped me realize my potential to excel in courses like biology, history, language arts and physics. It was great teachers that challenged me to push hard and go on to college. I was lucky.

Next week is a big week for US education, with NBC’s Education Nation shining a spotlight on the critical role that a fantastic education can play in a person’s life. Educators, parents, thought-leaders, and policy-makers will be continuing a national dialogue on the steps we can take to help all students in the US receive the best education we can offer.

As a primer to the Gates Foundation’s work in US education, the most recent episode of our podcast, Inside the Gates, is all about our approach to improving US education. Tune in to learn about how we work with partners across sectors to make that happen. Happy listening.

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